Timur Novikov & Joseph Brodsky. Horizons


Horizons features unpublished dialogue between leading figure of the St Petersburg underground art scene, Timur Novikov, and eminent Russian poet and  Nobel Prize winner, Joseph Brodsky. Their meeting in Amsterdam in 1993 (on the occasion of Novikov’s retrospective exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum) resulted in a fascinating and erudite exchange, reflecting a reciprocal network of cultural and autobiographical references to St Petersburg as a city “on the edge” – an intersection where Western and Eastern cultural traditions met. The book pairs poems by Joseph Brodsky with textiles and silkscreens by Timur Novikov. Edited by Dominik Czechowski, curator of the Horizons exhibition.



Horizons. Timur Novikov & Joseph Brodsky. First edition of 500 copies published in 2016 by White Space Gallery. Sponsored by Foundation A. Softcover, 55 pages


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