It might be maintained that hysteria is a caricature of a work of art, that an obsessional neurosis is a caricature of religion and that a paranoic delusion is a caricature of a philosophical system. (Freud, 1913, p.73)

The Freud Museum in association with White Space Gallery presents the work of Six Russian Contemporary Artists: Ilya Kabakov, Oleg Kulik, Dmitry Prigov, Timur Novikov, Gosha Ostretsov and Tatiana Liberman. This exhibition is a tribute to Freud’s lifelong involvment with Russian culture. Some of his best friends and colleagues were from Russia and his mentor Charcot was a physician to the last Russian Tzar.

Psychoanalysis is one of the dominating discourses of the 20th century, and from its beginnings artists have played freely with its ideas. The psychoanalytic understanding of art, looking inwards to the working of the mind and outwards to society and culture, provides artists with a rich field of enquiry.

The exhibition represents significant Russian artists from different generations, groups, movements and ideologies: from the Moscow conceptualists Ilya Kabakov and Dmitri Prigov to Timur Novikov who started the New Academy movement in St Petersburg and Oleg Kulik. This is an object based exhibition inspired by Freud’s study and library, filled almost to overflowing with books and his extraordinary collection of 2000 Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities.

The exhibition was curated by Erica Davies, Anya Stonelake and Nana Zhvitiashvili.
‘The Russian Patient’ exhibition is supported by The Russian Embassy and sponsored by Baltgazcomplectimpex.