White Space Gallery is pleased to announce the first UK solo exhibition by Portuguese photographer Jose Pedro Cortes. This exhibition will form a site-specific installation of his recent photographic series ‘I will not reveal you’ and ‘Silence’, along with a video piece, ‘Platform’. Jose Pedro Cortes has photographed extensively in various cities across Europe, including London, Berlin and Lisbon. His work forms a dense poetic narrative of encounters with the city, its inhabitants and loose events of the street. In his video piece, the late, slanting city light catches pedestrians mid-stride in a subtle game of disclosure versus darkness. These images insinuate the strangeness of a place touched by the body, and remind us of others from Brassai, Lee Friedlander or Ed Van der Elsken. It is this idea of the city as an emotional limit (to solitude and anonymity) that we see in José Pedro Cortes’ images.

He shares his vision of a fragmented, labyrinthic and irrational city, with no apparent meaning. His photographs are a testimony of modernity where the subject-photographer both looks for himself and loses himself: ‘My work reflects an ongoing approach to the inconsistency and fragmentation of urban elements, exploring themes of loneliness and anonymity. I see it as a continuous narrative – similar to film or literature – that reflects my search for personal and spatial identity’.

Jose Pedro Cortes (b. 1976 in Porto, Portugal) received an MA in Photography (with honours) from Kent Institute of Art and Design in 2004. He is currently has a solo exhibition ‘I will not reveal you’ at Centro Portugues de Fotografia, in Porto, Portugal. He was a guest lecturer at Photo London 2005: Emerging Artists Presentations, Royal Academy, London 2005. His works are in the collection of The Portuguese Centre of Photography, Porto, Portugal. He lives and works in Lisbon and London.

This exhibition will be accompanied by his new book ‘Silence’, 61 images, 112 pages, published by Pierre von Kleist Editions, London, 2005.