Leningrad New Artists: Paintings, collages and other important works on paper. 1982-1995

White Space Gallery presents the first exhibition of New Artists in its’ new project space, the famous historical and arts venue, Grand Hotel Europe, St Petersburg. This exhibition will run alongside The Brushstroke, a first major comprehensive retrospective of New Artists, the Leningrad undeground art movement (1982-1995) at The State Russian Museum (Marble Palace) curated by Dr Ekaterina Andreeva.
New Artists, which consists of paintings, drawings, collages and photographs from important private collections in St Petersburg, Moscow, London and New York will present many previously unseen works by Ivan Sotnikov, Oleg Kotelnikov, Timur Novikov, Georgy Gurianov, Sergey Bugaev Afrika, Sergey Chernov and Evgeny Yufit created before and during the Perestroika years. The New Artists, also refered to as New Painters, have rapidly gained international currency, enriching the lexicon of pop-culture and attracting the attention of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and John Cage.
The organisers would like to thank Mr Thomas Noll, the Managing Director of Grand Hotel Europe, for his enthusiasm in supporting this exhibition. Also, thanks to Dr Alexander Borovsky, artist Ivan Sotnikov and all of the private collectors who loaned the works for this exhibition.