The founder of the ‘Necrorealism’ movement, St Petersburg-based painter, art
photographer and film maker Evgeny Yufit is concerned with the representation of
death and psycho-pathological processes connected to this theme. More of Yufit’s
work will be shown in October as part of the ICA’s Russian Parallel Cinema season.

3 September 2003, 6.30pm: Silver Heads
A necrorealist science fiction plot involving a team of scientists attempting to
cross a human being with a tree, and a special unit dispatched to hunt down the
zombie-like mutants created in a previous, failed experiment. Plus the
irrationality of the human psyche, sadomasochism and suicide in Suicide Monsters
(1988, 5 mins).
Russia 1998, 84 mins, English subtitles
We’re delighted to welcome Evgeny Youfit for a Q&A following the screening.

4 September 2003, 6.30pm: Wooden Room
An experimental black-and-white meditation on the complex, ever-changing
relationship between a filmmaker and his subject matter. The narrative seems
entirely based on the performers’ improvisation. But there are enough clues to
suggest that the film is intended as a cautionary tale about artists who get too
intimately involved with their material. Indeed, the filmmaker gets so close to
his recorded event that at the end he loses all detachment and himself becomes
an object and a victim. Plus Fortitude (1988, 3 mins), a day in the lives of a
group of pacifists hiding from a war tribunal in the basement of a destroyed house.
Russia 1995, 65 mins, English subtitles
There will be a panel discussion with Evgeny Youfit and others following the
screening. Sponsored by Baltgazcomplectimpex. Screening arranged by Nana Zhvitiashvili and Anya Stonelake at ICA Cinema, The Mall, London SW1