Images selected by Martin Parr and Anya Stonelake

Signed books by Rimaldas Viksraitis
at La Central bookshop in
Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid
La Central del MNCARS
Ronda Atocha, 2 / 28012 MADRID

Slightly insane and wonderfully surreal Martin Parr Rimaldas Viksraitiss images of abandonment in deepest rural Lithuania mix reportage and voyeurism to surreal and disturbing effect. His studies of drunkenness and dereliction are depressing but also display a strange beauty: a farmer bends over a dead pig with a blowtorch, a chicken perched on his back; a young girl stares out of a window over the decapitated head of a goat; a drunk bites the ear of another drunk who is biting the ear of a pig´s head on a plate. This book is a beautifully printed testament to Viksraitiss strange, frightening and darkly humorous world.