Vita Buivid engages in evaluating post-Soviet culture with a methodical and impartial consistency. Nothing is rejected from the telescopic panorama and there is no hierarchy, nothing escapes the mocking irony of her gaze.

Fashion designer, Petlyura, described as ‘the king of junk’, has a collection of outmoded fashion items, acquired on a grandiose and comprehensive scale over the last 30 years. This collection was assembled for a “junk-fashion” shoot and photographed by artist and photographer Vita Buivid in 2001. Just as the fashion collection for Petlyura was a giant salvage operation, so are the series, recycling her photographs as art exhibits. This archival concern is symptomatic of current Russian conceptual practice: it seeks to reclaim surviving scraps of art and, indeed, life, which were suppressed or annihilated during the Soviet regime, and to protect elements of Russian national identity that are fast disappearing under capitalism.

Vita Buivid was born in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) in 1962. She lives and works in Moscow. Her works are in the collections of Moscow House of Photography; The State Russian Museum, RuArts Foundation, Moscow; Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki; Museum of Fine Arts, New Mexico; The Forbes Collection, Navigator foundation, Boston; Mőlndal commun collection, Sweden; Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas, Austin.

In 2016 MMOMA in Moscow held her retrospective exhibition over five floors of the building In Ermolayevsky. In 1994 together with Boris Mikhailov and other artists she took part in memorable Russian photography exhibition at The Photographer’s Gallery, London.