Vladimir Shinkarev. Goethe


The World Literature series by Vladimir Shinkarev reflects within a Russian context on the changes in the relationship between writing and painting, the verbal and the visual, that have taken place from classical to contemporary times. World Literature, Shinkarev’s redeployment of the verbal/visual relationship, arose and developed out of his initial inception of Mitki during the 1980s. Shinkarev, with his canvases ‘World Literature’, has also created his own personal pictorial language response, but with a profound difference. World Literature, his take on the world as text, is concerned with works, which, though richly embedded in the reality of their own time of creation, yet have a relevance that transcends their own time. They enable us to move between past, present and future through reflection on the universal themes and issues they depict that connect us one to another.



Vladimir Shinkarev. Goethe. World Literature series. 2001. Watercolor drawing. 21x27cm


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