Timur Novikov. House in Steppe. 1989-2005


Novikov revisits the Russian folk motifs in the style of his textile pieces by placing small iconic symbols (purposefully generalised, reduced and simplistic images) in large fields of flat, often bright, colour. His method of re-arranging, altering and proposing new semantic representation, use of symmetry and a horizontal (more rarely diagonal), division of space, became the new art language, adapting a three-dimensional world onto a flat surface, in a manner resonant of modern computer graphics or ancient hieroglyphics. Made during the perestroika years, the Horizons series reflects the youthful and optimistic spirit of the times whilst demonstrating the artist’s penchant for open perspectives – new possibilities of imagination and vision, the enlarged horizon, the greater hope.



Timur Novikov. House in Steppe. 1989-2005. Silkscreen print. 30×40 cm. Edition of 250 + 60 A/P


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