Rustam Khalfin. Seeing Through the Artist’s Hand



Rustam Khalfin. Seeing Through the Artist’s Hand. Paperback – 2007, by Nadim Samman (Editor), Aliya Abykayeva-Tiesenhausen (Editor)
Rustam Khalfin, a Tatar, born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), began his professional life during the stagnant Soviet era, graduating in 1972 from the Moscow Architecture Institute. In the 1980s, while residing in St Petersburg, he became involved with the circle surrounding Vladimir Sterligov – a close associate of Kasimir Malevich. It was then that Khalfin was first exposed to the richness of the Russian Avant-garde, a point of departure for his own painting. Shortly thereafter, in partnership with his wife Lydia, he began to pioneer performance art in Kazakhstan. From then Khalfin had ceaselessly experimented with a variety of media, also including painting, sculpture, installation, and video.



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