Oleg Kotelnikov. Untitled (Woman and child)


Oleg Kotelnikov (born 1958, St Petersburg) have been closely tied with the underground culture of St Petersburg (Leningrad) – the New Academy of Fine Arts and the group New Artists, as well as expressions of independent cinema and music. The activities of Oleg Kotelnikov in painting, cinematography, animation and poetry both then and now are united by witty commentary that reacts to the events of the time. His solo exhibition at ASSA gallery in St Petersburg in 1983 marked the start of the ‘wild’ painting style of the New Artists. He was an artist member of the famous Russian rock group Kino. In 1986 he wrote a manifesto on the Necrorealism movement, together with Yevgeny Yufit. Kotelnikov made animation films for the Parallel Cinema studios Mzhalala Film and Chapaev, and his animations appear in the iconic Perestroika era film ASSA (1987). In addition he performed in concerts with Sergei Kuryokhin’s Popular Mechanics orchestra and played with many rock bands. He directed music videos for Joanna Stingray and designed books about the work of Timur Novikov. He created artist’s books in collaboration with Yevgeny Kozlov and painted joint pictures with Ivan Sotnikov.



Oleg Kotelnikov. Untitled (Woman and child). 1980s. Drawing, ink and pen. 21 x 30cm


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