Grigoriy Yaroshenko. Norilsk


Grigoriy Yaroshenko. Norilsk. Published by White Space Gallery, London UK. In English and Russian, first edition of 1000. Softback,  70 pages. ISBN: 978-1-9999442-0-9. Printed in Netherlands. Photographs: Grigoriy Yaroshenko. Essay: Andreas Petrossiants. Translated into Russian by Natalia Rubinstein

The pictures take the Russian city of Norilsk as their protagonist. The city’s collective memory includes traumas that are inscribed into its ruins: composed of massive and expansive housing blocks, seemingly infinite mines, quarries, and factories, and a permafrost extending towards the horizon in every direction. It was founded as a site for forced labour, constituting the centre of the Norillag system of GULAG labour camps, with 72,500 inmates at its peak in 1951. Looking to Yaroshenko’s series, as the past and present can not be separated from one another – the former informs the latter, and the latter contains the former’s mark, rhythm, and material/immaterial ruins.  Yaroshenko’s wandering eye has captured how a city can emerge from darkness in more ways than one, and can carve out a present without forsaking its history in the process.



Grigoriy Yaroshenko. Norilsk Published by White Space Gallery, London UK. In English and Russian, first edition of 1000. Softback,  70 pages ISBN: 978-1-9999442-0-9


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