Alexander Tyagny-Ryadno. Switzerland


Alexander Tyagny-Ryadno was born in Moscow in 1956. After graduating from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1979, he worked for several years as an engineer; in 1984 he graduated from the Journalism Faculty of Moscow State University and worked as a mass media photographer and photography editor. Now he is renowned for his colourful travel photographs. Tyagny – Ryadno has travelled widely in America, Greece, Cuba, Israel, Mexico, London, Geneva, Alushta, Moscow and as far as Yamal in Siberia in search of beautiful and geometric subjects. Most of Tyagny-Ryadno’s photographs were black and white until 2009, when he left his analogue camera at home and travelled to London to take only colour photographs. This was a turning point for him, as he realized t hat Henri Cartier-Bresson’s theory of ‘decisive moment’ does not apply to color photography; he had to find a new principle, a new language associated only with colour. His photographs have appeared in leading Russian and international magazines and news papers. He has published several photography books and catalogues. Tyagny – Ryadno has had over 50 solo photography exhibitions internationally. He is a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers, the Union of Journalists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists, UNESCO.


Switzerland. 2014. Colour print. 50x70cm. Edition of 10


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