Alexander Florensky. Emperor Nicholas II with is Wife Empress Alexandra Fedorovna


Alexander Florensky (b. 1960) began his career in the 1980s as a traditional painter and illustrator but turned to conceptual art in the 1990s joining the satirical Mitki group. His Russian Album is an ironic take on the popular Russian taste for copies of nineteenth-century history paintings in the style of the ‘Wanderers’ school of social realists. For his purpose Florensky has adopted the idiom of the Lubok or folk print which depicted narrative, moral or satirical subjects and flourished in Russia into the early twentieth century. Alexander Florensky who works in duo with her artist wife Olga Florensky is a headliner of numerous exhibitions. They live and work in St. Petersburg and Tbilisi. ‘Florenskys’ works are kept in dozens of museums around the world. For over twenty years, they have been making impossible objects and other equally wonderful things. Their objects are incredibly organic coalescences of found objects of various kinds – sometimes ones that have lived at home for a long time, sometimes ones found on the trash heap, sometimes bought at an expensive antiques stores. ….their oeuvre exudes light irony and feeds on the observation of children’s games and wishes, which have made themselves at home in the adults’ heads and have no desire to leave…In their large projects, the Florenskys show objects, paintings, photographs, drawings, silk-screens, blueprints, films (a mix of animation, documentary, and feature films). His prints are in the collections of the V&A Museum, London


Emperor Nicholas II with is Wife Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. 2005. Silkscreen print on paper 62×86 cm. Edition of 100 + 30 AP


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