October 31st 2017
Andrei Dmitriev Collection

Andrei Dmitriev collection of Leningrad New Artists and Necrorealists is currently on sale through White Space Gallery.
Andrei Dmitriev, native of St Petersburg, successful and influential interior designer, started collecting works by Timur Novikov, Oleg Kotelnikov, Ivan Sotnikov, Andrei Krisanov, Vadim Ovchinnikov, Babi Badalov and other New Artists in the 1980s. He bought their paintings fresh from the studio and was part of the process, knowing the artists personally. Andrei Dmitriev had a special connection with the Necrorealist Group of artists and film makers – Evgeny Yufit, Andrei Mertviy, Serp and others. His collection features some of the most important works of that period. He bought them with his heart giving support to many artists in post Perestroika period. His great eye for beauty and sense of aesthetics helped to spot the potential masterpieces.
In recent years Andrei Dmitriev lent many works from his collection to the museums. Historical 2010 exhibition Brushstroke at The State Russian Museum in St Petersburg, featured several paintings and photographs from his collection, which are illustrated in the catalogue.

New Artists and Necrorealists
The Leningrad underground art groups (1982-1990s) have rapidly gained international currency, enriching the lexicon of pop-culture and attracting the attention of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and John Cage. The New Artists and Necrorealist art-communities are considered the most important phenomena in the Russian art of the end of the XX century. Their works are in the collections of Centre Pompidou, Victoria and Albert Museum, Stedlijk Museum, Tate Modern, State Russian Museum, The Tretyakov and others.



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