Сurated by Thomas Beale, Kathy Grayson, Nadim Julien Samman, Emily Speers Mears, Anya Stonelake/White Space Gallery

For every Object Salon, five curators each select artists to present a three-dimensional work that adheres to the size and weight requirements of international airline carry-on luggage.

Another year, another Frieze Art Fair: “Did you see Pinault in the tent last night?”-“Oh yes, chatting with Damien”….Talk of Larry and Charles, Jay and Roman…“Who’s that shadowy-looking Russian gent?…”Brad and Angelina have just flown in from Malibu”…Glasses tinkle, corks pop, ice swirls, and business cards slip into breast pockets…”See you in Miami!” : Gargantuan sculptures line the promenade. Big paintings hung on bigger walls… “Can I take this home right now?”…”Now boarding. Has this bag been in your possession since you packed it? Anything flammable, liquid, perishable?”…”It’s oversize. Sorry, just the rules…”

Two curators from the original Object Salon are joined by three from London to present a diverse sample of the small-format sculpture being created by contemporary artists. This edition of Object Salon is organised to coincide with Frieze, playfully engaging with both the salon-style presentation of international art fairs and the nomadic, international community of artists, dealers and collectors who travel from around the globe to participate in these events.

Contemporary art practices are diverse, however, monumental sculpture or installation is increasingly commanding attention from the press and art-viewing public. Apart from rare exceptions such as Hirst’s skull, modestly-scaled and hand-made creations are playing second fiddle to mega-objects. The curators feel that this is a shame. Their selection will make it clear that smaller sculptures offer more than enough to ‘take on board’.

This is the second Object Salon. The first took place at Honey Space in New York, coinciding with the International Armory Fair (March of 2008). It was conceived by American artist and curator Thomas Beale. One of his curatorial collaborators from that show, Kathy Grayson, will also participate in this edition, along with the London based curators Nadim Samman, Emily Speers Mears and Anya Stonelake.


Tanya Antoshina (Moscow based artist)
Kulik. My Favorite Artists series. 1997. Porcelain sculpture.
Cui Fei (Chinese artist based in New York City)
Read by Touch —1998, 2005-2006

FNO (Gluklya & Tsaplya), (Russia)
Tramp’s overcoat, 2006

Hackett (USA)
Untitled (Suitcase bomb), 2005
Midori Harima (Japanese artist living and working in New York)
Skull, 2007

Misaki Kawai (Japanese artist living and working in New York)
Wild Bear, 2008

Hilary Koob-Sassen (London based artist)
1/8th slice of Filletville, a model of life in time, 2008

Nepokorennie Group is based in St. Petersburg, Russia:

Irina Drozd
Mirror and flies. 2008. Installation.

Ilya Gaponov & Kirill Koteshov
Last Supper. Installation, 2008