Vladimir Antoshenkov is a master of Russian architectural photography. His work is inspired by Saint Petersburg’ where he was born in 1933. Although little known in the West, he is one of the founding figures of architectural photography in Saint Petersburg. His work is at once an architectural survey and an urban study of the city, of which he knows every nook and cranny. The technical quality of his photographic prints combines with his aesthetic outlook to convey the quality of the northern light, always with a hint of humour. Trained as an architect, he started taking photographs in 1974 and soon had his first exhibition at the House of Architects in Leningrad. From the 1980s his work regularly appeared in Soviet Photo magazine. From the late 1980s he continued to participate in architectural exhibitions in Saint Petersburg and Moscow and began to show his work internationally. In 2003 he began to publish photographic books on Saint Petersburg which proved extremely popular with local and visiting connoisseurs alike. Among his best-selling photographic albums are Unserious Petersburg, Plant life in the city, Saint Petersburg rooftops and Wintry Petersburg, all published in Russia. He is an associate professor of Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture.